Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pet Past Lives?

We rescued our cat, Snuffles (seen above in studious contemplation beside my son doing homework), about six years ago from a farm that wasn’t caring for her adequately. She was just a few days old, isolated in the barn because she was sick with a cold virus (thus the name Snuffles), and didn’t have a vet looking after her. But she was a yellow cat, which my daughter insisted we needed, and so we brought her home. Upon arriving, we immediately called our vet who told us to bring her right in. She was a terrified little shy thing who’d curl up by my neck and stay there, where she felt safe. Fortunately, the vet’s meds did the trick and within a couple of days she was much better. She’s never had a virus in the years since!

However, she has been stomach sickly a lot. Every month or two she’s thrown up and it’s taken a lot of nursing, force-feeding, and watering to keep her alive on occasion. We’ve tried changing her food and having a healer work with her but she was still getting sick on a regular basis, and, in fact, it seemed to be getting worse. I really didn’t know what to do to help her, and it was getting hard for me to get enough sleep considering how much I had to keep an eye on her at night.

The last time she was really sick, though, an interesting thing happenedClick here to continue reading.